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When it comes to your mortgage, you will want to make a wise choice.
Navigating the confusing world of Mortgage Financing options can be overwhelming.
Our job is to come along side you and help relieve the stress associated with making the right choice.

Not just the Best Rate.  The Best Mortgage Brokers on your side!

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In Canada, there are a couple of options available to people looking for financing.  

You can obtain financing from the major banks in the area.  Or you can utilize the service of a licensed mortgage broker.  When you choose a bank, they can only offer you the products that are provided by their institution.  And they can only offer you their published rates.  

On the other hand, when you choose to go with a Mortgage Broker, you will have access to many more options.  Mortgage Brokers can find more products, better rates, and the flexibility unique to your financial situation that you may not readily know about. 

Plus, Mortgage Brokers have a wealth of knowledge and they will help you navigate through all of the complex issues of different funding options.  You can trust that they will work for you and will find you the product that will match your needs.  The security, trust, and confidence you will find when dealing with a Mortgage Broker will make your choice the right one. With their wealth of knowledge and expertise, they can make sure that you are making the right educated decision when it comes to one of the largest financial transactions you will make.  

Whether this is your first home purchase, your current mortgage is up for renewal, you are looking to withdraw equity for personal use, contacting a Mortgage Broker to discuss your options is always a sound decision. That’s why more and more people are utilizing the services of a Mortgage Broker today.  You should be one of them. A simple call today could put you on the path to owning your own home.  
Mortgage Broker Advantage

One of the advantages of using a Mortgage Broker in Red Deer is that we have contact and access to a large selection of lenders, some of which you may not be aware of.  

Besides the major banks and financial institutions, there are many other lenders that offer some very competitive rates and products.  Being aware of the choices available can save you thousands of dollars.  

And we can cut through the confusion and burden of interpreting all of the stringent payment terms and conditions in contracts.  We operate on unbiased advise, looking for what is in your best interest, from rates to terms.  

In the end, we will save you time and unnecessary fees.  

We are incredibly proud of all the clients we have been able to assist in finding the right finance options. Specific to their needs alone.

When we find the perfect rate for you, you can feel confident while you are searching for the perfect home.  We can lock in that rate for 120 days so you have time to do your homework and find the right home for you and your family.  Best of all, if the rate should drop, you will also benefit from the lower rate!  But if they rise, your rate does not.
Why Choose Us as your Red Deer Mortgage Broker?  

That’s an easy question! 

 We have access to all the larger bank lenders, products, and mortgage solutions.  And we have access to many other different mortgage lending entities. This gives us the real option to shop around for you to find the best rate out there. 

We work for YOU.  And we represent YOU when negotiating with different lenders. 

We bring a lot of knowledge to the table when it comes to information about mortgages, financing, contracts, etc.  We have seen a lot! 

Our client care is outstanding!  We are super flexible and work within your schedule.  Online services, phone services, and in person services are all available! 

And all of the above is provided at no cost to you – for routine mortgage transactions.  

Those are a lot of “whys” that we hope you consider of value!  So why not put us to work for you today!  Let us find the right mortgage at a great rate now!  
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