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The Importance of Home Inspection

Buying a home is a dream for many people. Many people see owning their dream house as a path to a more relax and happy life. But, in many cases, the process of buying a home may go wrong. What possibly could happen? Well, without pre-inspection, many buyers don't get what they seek in their dream house. Or they actually get more than they bargained for.  That is why we believe that having a thorough home inspection is important in the buying process.  Best Rate Mortgage Broker Team works with many different home inspection service companies and can offer a referral, if you do not currently have one on your team. 

Importance Of Property Inspection

A property inspection is the most important step in the home-buying process. There are various reasons that indicate the importance of property inspection; they are as follows- 

Accurate Assessment 
The property inspection allows buyers to get an objective and accurate assessment of the condition of a property before making a purchase decision. They can check out if the property they are buying is capable of fulfilling their needs or not. Inspection can also help the buyer to figure out any potential issues with the home that can be invisible online or difficult to identify by the purchaser. 

Helps In Purchase Negotiation 

As a buyer, if you are visiting a home you are aiming to buy, having a home inspector with you will help you understand some of the issues that may be present in the home.  It can give you the opportunity to either reconsider purchasing the property, or give you some leverage on negotiating a price with the seller.  If you are willing to accept any shortfall in condition, capable of having any issues fixed yourself, or planning on doing a full renovation, an inspection will give you a list of items that need attention and you can prioritize how you will tackle them. 

Identifying Safety Concerns 

The home you are considering purchasing could potentially have some hidden safety issues.  Not everyone will be well trained in identifying potential concerns with plumbing, electrical, roofing, insulation, foundations, eaves and gutters.  Just to mention a few points that may need to be addressed now, rather than later.  A home inspector can assist you in identifying safety concerns that are important for the wellbeing of you and your family. 


Having a qualified home inspector on your team when you are planning to purchase a home makes valuable sense.  While you may have some knowledge about particular items in your home, a home inspector is much more specialized in identifying issues.  And that is exactly what you need to know to move forward with your purchase and your negotiation phase of the deal.   We have many contacts in the home inspection industry.  And we have assisted many clients over the year bring on one for their home purchase.  We would be more than happy to assist you in finding the right one for your home purchase.  Give us a call today to discuss with us.  

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