About Our Mortgage Broker Team

About our Red Deer Mortgage Broker Team

We have over a decade of experience working with clients just like you.  We have clients from all walks of life and cherish the working relationship we have nurtured over the years.  We look forward to working with you soon!  
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Benefits of using a Mortgage Broker

When you are looking to finance your home or property, whether that be a new purchase, renewal of mortgage, or refinancing an existing mortgage, you have the choice of going to a bank or enlisting the assistance of a mortgage broker.  

There are some great advantages to using a mortgage broker over the banks.  Mortgage Brokers work for you – not for the benefit of the banks.

While a broker may offer you a rate and mortgage from a bank, we are not limited to those.  We always are focused on finding the right mortgage and best mortgage rate for you.  You are our number one.  Not the banks. 

Our service is essentially free.  That’s correct.  We get paid a fee from the lender for the mortgage – not from you, the borrower.  Our fee is based on the amount of the mortgage and NOT the rate.  This has to be this way so that we can ensure you are getting the lowest rate for your mortgage.  This means that we have a negotiating edge with lenders.  The lenders want your mortgage and they are going to have to be very competitive to get it.  And often we can secure a rate that you yourself may not be able to. 

Since we make our fees from the amount of the mortgage, we will always seek the best rate for you.  This means our clients trust us and refer us to others.  And they come back at renewal time for us to assist them with finding the best mortgage rate at that time.  We hope that our initial service to you leads to future services for you and your friends or family. 

We have to let you know that, sometimes based on your circumstances, we may charge a fee.  This would be in cases of challenging credit or income situations.  But we would be upfront with you about this during our initial consultations.  We would never charge you a fee without your prior knowledge.  If this is a possible situation for you, using a Mortgage Broker makes complete sense.  The Banks may be reluctant but our team has helped many individuals with alternate mortgage financing options.  Put us to work for you today!

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